Our Mission

Looking Forward

We have a dream... part of that dream is to build a new facility. But the new facility is not an end to itself, it is simply a tool. It is a tool to house the work of building something much more significant – a community that loves and follows Jesus Christ.

We consider ourselves blessed to have 35 acres of beautiful land on route 414 in Liberty Township to facilitate this dream. We are in the process of beginning site work on the property and raising the funds necessary to go further.

Our hope is to build a facility that is not for Sundays only, but rather a facility to be used and available seven days a week. A place, an extension of home; where all are welcome. A place where followers of Jesus are encouraged, where those who are seeking feel free to ask questions, where children and teens are safe to play, where you can find friendship, where the needy are clothed and fed, where the community at large feels at home to house events... a place where this Christian community brings health to the broader community.


We are dedicated to the communication and real life application of the Word of God, the Bible.

Part of our mission is found in our Sunday morning messages.

We are committed to presenting the timeless truths of God's Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ that it reveals, in contemporary and relevant ways; in an atmosphere that is informal and comfortable, where people really care about and for one another.

God has been teaching and growing us, and we want to share that with you.

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