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From the hilltop to the mountaintop

The congregation of Oregon Hill Grace Chapel is transitioning to its new location and facility near Mountaintop Road off Hwy 414 just west of Liberty, PA.

We have a dream... part of that dream is to build a new facility.

But the new facility is not an end to itself, it is simply a tool. It is a tool to house the work of building something much more significant – a community that loves and follows Jesus Christ.


History of the Congregation

Established originally in 1869, the original church building housed Oregon Hill Evangelical Church.

In 1891, the Evangelical United Brethren Church undertook a major renovation and replacement of the original structure. Over the next sixty years the church experienced many revivals and saw evidence of God working in the lives of the people of the local community.

The United Methodist Church merged with the Conference for the Evangelical United Brethren denomination in 1959 and no pastor was supplied for several years. Proactive local citizens sought out the Rural Home Missions Association who helped provide interim pastors over several years.

Ultimately a local group arranged to purchase the property in 1980 and started the current congregation as Oregon Hill Grace Chapel.

Since that time we have been very blessed to witness God working in our personal lives and the lives of the community around us. We have grown spiritually and also in number of attendees.

In fact, it became apparent that the attendance had outgrown the facility. Read more of our story here.